The Well Watcher – October 2023

Nature Notice 🌿📢

Dear Well Watchers,

Welcome to the October edition of The Well Watcher! We’re excited to dive deep into our mission of empowering the next generation of students in the South Platte Watershed to protect and evolve our water resources. In this issue, we have some flowing updates for you.

Rising Tides in the South Platte 📈

As autumn’s vibrant leaves gently fall, the South Platte River continues to grace us with its powerful presence. Its journey unfolds with grace, offering opportunities for exploration, learning, and profound connections with the environment.

The South Platte River is a force of nature, flowing serenely at 6.5 feet, and surging with might at 9.5 feet, often impacting nearby agriculture. Beyond its transformative power, the river serves as an extraordinary classroom for exploration and understanding. Through the Well Watch Program, we encourage our young scientists to delve into its stories, appreciating the importance of preserving and conserving this invaluable natural resource.

As we embark on another season of the Well Watch Program, the South Platte River becomes our inspiring backdrop, reminding us of the delicate balance between nature and human interaction. Let’s harness its lessons to empower the next generation of students, nurturing a deep respect for the environment and the incredible river that threads its way through our lives. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as the season unfolds!

Splashes of Success 💦

Our Well Watch Program’s educators are meeting many students this season. This month, we proudly spotlight the Fort Lupton Children’s Water Festival, where our coordinator, Josiah Flores, led students through an engaging activity on aquifers and groundwater transportation. The enthusiastic learning of our region’s students demonstrates how our program empowers the next generation of environmental stewards.

Water Wisdom: Our Water 💧

This edition of Water Wisdom explores the critical importance of water quality testing. Discover how our students dive deep into the data, learn how to analyze trends, and understand the potential environmental issues that data reveals. Water quality testing is not just a task; it’s a key skill that equips our future scientists with the knowledge to protect our precious water resources.

Well Watchers Unite: Join the Flow 🤝

TEACHERS! Your students can participate in this incredible program! Bring real-world science into your classroom, and give them a chance to explore the nature around and beneath us! See our website for details!

Find out how you can get involved and become a part of our water-loving community. Share this newsletter, donate to support our mission, or share your own water story. Together, we can make waves!

Drawing hope from our wells.

The WWP Team

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