The Well Watcher – November 2023

Water Watch 🌿📢

Dear Well Watchers,

Welcome to the November edition of The Well Watcher! We’re thrilled to immerse ourselves in our mission of empowering the next generation of students in the South Platte Watershed to protect and evolve our water resources. This issue is saturated with exciting updates for you!

Splashes of Success 💦

Our dedicated coordinator, Josiah Flores, collaborated with the education team at the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District to engage our 3rd-grade water stewards at Platte Valley Elementary. The interactive workshop delved into the intricate web of water sources in the South Platte Watershed, culminating in a thrilling game that showcased the importance of teamwork, communication, and ingenuity in responsible water science and use. It’s truly inspiring to witness this generation’s commitment to working together!

Well Watchers Unite 🤝

TEACHERS! Your students can be part of this unique program! Bring real-world science into your classroom and give them the opportunity to explore the nature around and beneath us!

Together, we can make waves!

Water Wisdom 💧

As November unfolds, let’s embrace water wisdom amid changing seasons. Here are some actions you can take this holiday season while championing responsible water usage:

  1. Harvest Rainwater for Fall Gardening:
    Set up rain barrels to capture this free resource and use it for watering your fall garden. This not only conserves water but also nurtures your plants with natural, untreated water.
  2. Water-Efficient Holiday Preparations:
    As we prepare for holiday feasts, use a basin to wash vegetables, fruits, and dishes, and collect excess water for other household uses. Efficiently managing water during meal preparations contributes to both water conservation and a sustainable celebration.
  3. Spread the Message on World Toilet Day:
    November 19 is World Toilet Day, focusing on sustainable sanitation and water resources. Take this opportunity to spread awareness about water conservation, emphasizing the importance of responsible toilet use and fixing leaks in toilets.

As Well Watchers, let’s channel our efforts this November towards becoming stewards of water resources. By implementing these practical actions, we contribute to a legacy of sustainability, ensuring water bodies like the Cache La Poudre River thrive for generations. Remember, in the tapestry of seasons, every drop counts – let’s keep our energy flowing!

Drawing hope from our wells,

The WWP Team

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