Our Mission Statement

Empowering the next generation of students in the South Platte Watershed to protect and evolve our water resources using standards-based STEAM applications.

The WWP primarily targets teachers and students in grades 3-12. Despite its complexity, water science should be accessible to students at all levels. The questions students ask and the investigations they undertake vary based on their existing knowledge. We have integrated essential background information into the curriculum to empower every student to explore more advanced inquiries. Our aim with WWP is to offer students real-world science experiences and the opportunity to share their findings with peers and scientists. This unique opportunity sets WWP apart from many other science projects. We collaborate closely with teachers, providing workshops and support, recognizing that teachers are already overwhelmed with their regular responsibilities. Our close partnership with educators and surrounding environmental organizations is key to the success of our students.

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Our Team

Our Well Watch team is dedicated to providing students and teachers in the South Platte Watershed with a comprehensive and scaffolded experience in water science. We’re grateful for our team of engaging experts who make learning fun for our students!