A Splash of Knowledge at the Children’s Water Festival

Diving into Earth’s Hidden Waters

Did you know that under your feet, hidden beneath the Earth’s surface, lies a hidden treasure of water known as aquifers? These natural underground reservoirs are a crucial part of Earth’s water distribution. At the Fort Lupton Children’s Water Festival, we explored this vital resource with the enthusiasm of young scientists!

Getting Our Feet Wet

Our 4th and 5th-grade participants dived right into the exciting world of aquifers, groundwater, and the geological wonders shaping water distribution. The hands-on activity we designed allowed students to simulate the extraction and transportation of groundwater, leading to a deeper understanding of the Earth’s processes.

As students gathered around a container filled with sand and water, their curiosity grew. Armed with plastic cups and trays, they embarked on an exploration of the “aquifer,” discussing their observations and igniting questions. The young minds pondered where their drinking water came from and how water was stored underground.

Unearthing Hidden Knowledge

With their curiosity piqued, we introduced key terms like “aquifer,” “recharge,” and “extraction.” The students learned that aquifers are like hidden treasures, serving as nature’s underground reservoirs. Witnessing the flow of water through PVC pipes brought this concept to life, creating a lasting impact on their understanding of the world beneath our feet.

To encourage critical thinking, students were divided into small groups. Armed with PVC pipes, they took on the challenge of extracting groundwater and transporting it to an empty bucket. They were tasked with finding creative and efficient solutions for this process, learning the importance of resource sustainability along the way.

Join Our Mission

The journey into the Earth’s hidden waters showcased the endless curiosity and potential of young minds. At the Well Watch Program, we’re dedicated to fostering this curiosity, nurturing young scientists, and developing a deep connection to our environment. Our mission is to empower the next generation of students in the South Platte Watershed to protect and evolve our water resources using standards-based STEAM applications. Through hands-on activities like this one, we aim to inspire a love for science, encourage the protection of Earth’s precious resources, and equip students with the knowledge to tackle environmental challenges.

Join us in this exciting mission, as we work together to create a better, more sustainable future. Here’s how you can get involved:

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