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Sponsors & Supporters

The Well Watch Program would not be experiencing the level of success it has seen if not for the financial and professional support it has received from its sponsors & supporters.

Quality Well and Pump has shown incredible generosity through their donation of drilling time and supplies, which has been instrumental from the inception of the WWP and continues to support us today!

The Greeley Waste Water Treatment Department has been a vital supporter of the WWP, providing annual supplies since 2014!

The Littler Youth Fund at the Community Foundation for Greeley and Weld County generously funded this website.

Support like this is also evidence we are providing valuable support to teachers and students in their understanding of the conservation of Colorado’s most precious resource, water!

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The Well Watch Program owes its remarkable success to the unwavering support of our sponsors, supporters, and generous donors like you. Your contribution plays a pivotal role in advancing our mission to educate our community about the conservation of Colorado’s most precious resource.

Thanks to the backing of these exceptional organizations, the Well Watch Program has reached over 1,200 students, making a profound impact on their understanding of water conservation. Your support has also made it possible for our dedicated coordinators to invest over 2,000 hours into this endeavor. The direct beneficiaries of your kindness are our participating districts, schools, educators, and students.

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This program stands apart in its uniqueness. No existing science curriculum can match the hands-on experiences and profound societal influence that the Well Watch Program imparts to our students. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us in the critical mission of educating and shaping the future leaders of our community.