Well Watcher Tiers

The Well Watch Program loves to support its participating teachers however we can! Below are the details for our semesterly membership tiers and their requirements, as well as any FAQs.

How many lessons does each teacher need to teach for participation?
The program requires that a participating teacher use 3 different WWP lessons to qualify. However, if an entire grade level is opted into the program, then this requirement is lowered to 2 lessons each per semester. If two or more grade levels are participating, then this requirement is lowered to 1 lesson each per semester.
Are there any restrictions on the types of lessons that can be used to meet the requirements?
Lessons provided by the Well Watch Program all qualify as meeting the requirements. This includes WWP field experiences at the Poudre Learning Center, in-class presentations, or background content engagement on the Well Watch website.
What qualifies as proof of student action, and how do teachers submit it?
Proof of student action can include project reports, photos, or other tangible evidence. Submissions can occur via email, physical copies, or through the Student Action section of our website.
Can teachers collaborate on lessons to meet the requirements?
Absolutely! Collaborative efforts are encouraged. Ensure that each teacher actively contributes to the lessons and documentation.
What kind of support is provided to member teachers throughout the program?
Yes, schools without a dedicated site can participate. Contact us to discuss alternative options for water quality testing.
How can I get the supplies for monthly quality testing?
Please contact Josiah Flores (jflores38@GreeleySchools.org) to receive our water quality testing kit, along with a tutorial.
How often should water quality tests and data entry be conducted?
Monthly tests and data entry are required. However, we understand variations. Contact our team if you encounter challenges meeting this frequency.
How do I enter the data that we receive for our testing?
Please watch our video on accessing our database to enter data from our approved testing sites! If you would like to test at a site not listed in our database, please talk to Josiah Flores (jflores38@GreeleySchools.org).

What is the duration of a semester for the program, and when does it start and end?
The program operates on a semester basis for each school. Semesters as defined by the WWP span as follows:
Semester 1: Start of the school year – Beginning of winter break
Semester 2: Start of spring semester – End of the school year
Can participating teachers sign up for additional lessons beyond the required amount?
Absolutely! Teachers are welcome to sign up for as many lessons as they’d like, contributing to the overall success of their classroom and the Well Watch mission.
How and when will teachers receive their Teacher Supplies Gift Bag and WWP Merchandise Gift?
Gifts will be distributed at the end of each semester. Details on collection will be communicated directly to participating teachers.