Empowering the Next Generation

Did you know that to meet the demands of well water used on over 800 family farms in our region, we’d need an astonishing 80,000-acre feet of water? That’s enough water to cover the entire University of Northern Colorado campus in a whopping 306 feet of water! In the past, we usually had access to only about 50% of that amount, and this can change slightly each year depending on the number of farms that need water. These numbers underline just how vital it is to manage our water resources wisely.
Our Ongoing Mission We are thrilled to bring you the latest news about water education in our community through this Well Watch Program update. Since our last update, we’ve stayed true to our promise of teaching others about water and protecting our precious water sources. This blog post will journey through our accomplishments, the hurdles we’ve faced, and our vision for a sustainable water supply.
Growing Tomorrow’s Water Stewards The heart of the Well Watch Program beats with a simple but powerful mission: to equip students and teachers in the South Platte River Watershed with the skills and knowledge needed for water management. Our aim is to nurture young decision-makers who can protect our groundwater, which is an invaluable resource in our region. From the moment our program was revitalized in 2010, teaching the next generation to care for our water has been our focus.
Data-Driven Progress We’ve made incredible progress in analyzing data in the last five years. Thanks to partnerships with educators and students across Northern Colorado, we’ve empowered classrooms to examine data each month. This helps our community understand groundwater better. Best of all, this commitment has inspired students to take action and make fundamental changes.
Introducing Josiah Flores In an exciting update, we welcome Josiah Flores, our new WWP Coordinator! Josiah comes with loads of experience and dedication to the role, ensuring our program continues to grow and evolve. You can read more about his background here, or contact him at JFlores38@GreeleySchools.org with any questions or communications!
Our Unwavering Commitment As we move into the future, our dedication to educating our community on groundwater protection remains strong. The Well Watch Program will change and adapt to meet the challenges brought by climate change, a growing population, and new contaminants. Together, we’ll build a resilient water future for Northern Colorado.
Join Our Mission We invite all Northern Colorado residents to join hands with us and make a difference. Here’s how you can get involved:
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We thank you for your ongoing trust in the Well Watch Program. We’re excited to share more updates in the months ahead. Together, we can ensure the safety and abundance of our water for generations to come. Stay tuned for more news and updates. To learn how you can become more involved with the Well Watch Program, please visit the How You Can Help tab on our website! Drawing hope from our wells, The Well Watch Program Team