How It All Began

The Well Watch Program (WWP) first began in 1991 with the drilling of the first groundwater monitoring well at Eaton Elementary School. Two more were drilled in 1992 and 14 more were added by 1995. The Central Colorado Water Conservancy District (CCWCD) spearheaded this program and the drilling of the monitoring groundwater wells. Various drilling and construction partners donated project time, labor, permitting, and equipment. The wells ranged from Eaton to Pueblo. Due to lack of technology to store and analyze data collected by students, interest in the project waned and it unfortunately became less of a priority for science teachers.

Through the renewed efforts of CCWCD and the Poudre Learning Center (PLC) in 2011 the program was revitalized. A web site was developed to share and analyze not only their school’s data but any school involved in the program. Students were now enabled to ask their own groundwater questions and using the data, construct a data-based answer.